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Renowned across the world, as the finest cloth; our Made in England fabrics honour our Yorkshire heritage and weaving expertise. Age-old traditions are coupled with new technological innovations to create luxury, timeless designs.

The luxurious handle and drape of our Made in England cloths are owed to the naturally filtered Pennine water used throughout the finishing process. These fabrics are gently scoured and cleaned with this naturally occurring resource, created high up in the Pennine hills. Rainfall infiltrates the ground where it then passes through local gritstone and shale. By the time it reaches the valley floor the water is clean, soft and pure. This local water combined with our age old manufacturing processes, produces the intrinsic touch and identity of our exquisite, Made in Huddersfield cloth.   

Eastergate Bridge


Eastergate Bridge, Marsden Moor, more commonly known locally as Packhorse Bridge. The bridge was used in the 18th century to transport cloth Made in Huddersfield on the Packhorse Trail to Rochdale, Manchester and beyond. The River Colne, which runs beneath the bridge, is the source of the water we use to finish our luxury cloths.